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Manu accommodation, food, and transport

The airport at Bocu Manu provides quick and easy access by light plane from Cusco (approx. 45 mins). This permits a short stay of 3 days for those with a tight schedule, bringing you to within easy reach of the main lodges of the cultural zone (1-2 hours by boat). The alternative to flying is a private bus journey from Cusco to Atalaya, four hours upstream from Bocu Manu. We recommend this method of arrival into the jungle as it takes you through majestic mountain scenery in the high Andes before delivering you to the cloud forest, which marks the perimeter of the Manu National Park. Here, you can view the national bird of Peru, the magnificent Cock of the Rock from your own verandah of an observation lodge. The boat journey downriver from Atalaya provides continuous viewing opportunities for a multitude of bird life. An overnight stop is provided on the way to Bocu Manu, either in Pilcopata where there are great walks for wildlife and archaeology, or in smaller lodges on the Alto Madres de Dios river. This journey can be done in reverse back to Cusco at the end of your stay; and we recommend this for those wishing to experience Manu cultural highlights.

Accommodation in the Cultural Zone ranges from campsites on the riverbank to double rooms with private bathrooms in beautiful lodges with all services, except electricity. This means every dinner by candlelight, which is extremely romantic. The better lodges are constructed entirely from local forest materials with thatched roofs and natural ventilation. Showers are ambient temperature but this is not an issue at the end of a hot day. On a jungle rating, these lodges go right up to five stars, and have terrific food. Manu Explorer recommends Blanquillo lodge for its superb cuisine and personal service. It is also the closest to the Macaw lick, giant otters, and jungle trails with observation platform. On longer trips, different lodges are used to prevent overlong river journeys.

In the reserved zone, all accommodation is by camping only but there are toilets and showers provided at the base camp. Transport into the reserved zone takes a further day’s leisurely travel. After that, our guide will take you on daily expeditions on foot, and by water. Manu Explorer provides top quality, spacious, four season tents with mosquito net doors to provide a welcome breeze at night. Also included are kitchen and dining tents, tables and chairs, and all other culinary necessities. Inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags are available for hire. It is also worthwhile to bring a simple sheet sleeping bag as some nights in the jungle do not merit too much insulation.

If you choose to fly out of Manu, it is necessary to depart quite early in the morning. As an alternative to a long boat ride at daybreak, to reach the airstrip, Manu Explorer currently offers the alternative of staying your last night in a community lodge in Bocu Manu, a rather charming village very close to the airstrip. Here there are several shops and local restaurants, as well as the only public telephone to be found since your arrival in the jungle (please note that it only takes Peru Telecom cards). However, the main residential lodges on the river are in radio contact with the outside world for your safety. In 2003, there should also be a lodge adjacent to the airstrip itself running an all-inclusive service.

All reasonable requests for special dietary needs will be accommodated. Manu Explorer prides itself on providing for Vegans and Vegetarians of every persuasion. Where possible we will always use locally produced food to support the local economy. Food is always of a high standard, balanced in its composition, and plentiful. The emphasis is on fresh fruit, vegetables and salads. On trips into the reserved zone you will be accompanied by one of our own cooks to cater to your every need.


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